Bohuslän's archipelago is something special. To help you get a really genuine archipelago experience we've put together both ferry companies and route suggestions that will make your island hops happen.

During summer you can choose from masses of boat companies to pick your perfect island hopping tour. Discover where to find the best swimming spot or eat the nicest seafood.

10 km from Tofta, the ferry from Rökan, which is just outside Marstrand is the closest. Catch a ferry to Dyrön from Rökan. The ferry takes about 25 minutes and runs all year. Experience the Bohuslän nature by hiking around 4.5 km around the island. The Dyrö trail is mountainous and can be slippery if it rains so you need strong legs and proper shoes or boots. However, stairs, bridges and railings will help you through the most difficult places. More info about hiking on Dyrön >>

CLICK ON THE MAP BELOW -  The route map shows how the ferry routes in Bohuslän connect during both the summer season and the rest of the year.