Tofta is an easily accessible nature reserve with good opportunities for walking, swimming, fishing, just a short stroll from Tofta Manor.

Those interested in nature will find that Tofta nature reserve offers diverse and easy walking paths across flowering meadows and bare cliffs.

From the cliffs, or neighbouring islands, you can enjoy a swim or simply the ocean views.

Tofta is a coastal landscape with remains from the Bronze Age. The remains are located on a mountain ridge between Kråkerösund and Myggstaviken.

The nature reserve is characterised by treeless heaths, but grazing paddocks can be found where the mountain protects the land. You can find botanical treasures such as marsh orchid, small lousewort and adder’s tongue. Strawberry clover grows on grazed beach meadows. Different types of stonecrop and thrift are found in cervices and mountainous terrain. In August, the purple red of the heather covers the rocky terrain.

Myggstaviken south of the reserved is renowned for its rich birdlife and several species of dabbling ducks and other birds breed in Tofta inlet.

About Tofta Nature reserve
  • Established: 1980
  • Area: 635 hectares
  • Land manager: Västkuststiftelsen