Höst och vinterkonferens

Vår bästa tid är nu

Höst och vinter på tofta

Meetings in unique historical surroundings

konferens och möten på Tofta Herrgård

Njut av lugnet

vinter vid myggstaviken

Konferensgäster på Tofta Herrgård

Conferences and meetings at Tofta Herrgård

We offer package deals for employers wanting to host conferences or meetings in a calm and relaxing manor environment. Please contact us for more information Telephone: +46 (0)303 – 22 58 05 E-mail: [email protected] Lounge and meeting room i nthe Manor buildingHotel rooms:   Hotel annexe Smedjan (The Smithy) 14 double rooms Hotel annexe Mejeriet (The Diary) 2 double + 2 single Number of beds in total: 34   Conference rooms: Manor West wing Max seats - cinema seating: 25 35 Max seats - school seating: 22 28 Max seats - tables i U-fomation: 16 22 Meeting room in the West wing

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