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att göra på tofta herrgård utflykter bohuslän

Café interior Magsinet at Tofta Herrgård

tofta naturreservat

Tofta Nature reserve

Tofta is an easily accessible nature reserve with good opportunities for walking, swimming, fishing, just a short stroll from Tofta Manor. Those interested in nature will find that Tofta nature reserve offers diverse and easy walking paths across flowering meadows and bare cliffs. From the cliffs, or neighbouring islands, you can enjoy a swim or simply the ocean views. Tofta is a coastal landscape with remains from the Bronze Age. The remains are located on a mountain ridge between Kråkerösund and Myggstaviken. The nature reserve is characterised by treeless heaths, but grazing paddocks can be found where the mountain protects the land. You can find botanical treasures such as marsh orchid, small lousewort and adder’s tongue. Strawberry clover grows on grazed beach meadows. Different types of stonecrop and thrift are found in cervices and mountainous terrain. In August, the purple red of the heather covers the rocky terrain. Myggstaviken south of the reserved is renowned for its rich birdlife and several species of dabbling ducks and other birds breed in Tofta inlet. About Tofta Nature reserve Established: 1980 Area: 635 hectares Land manager: Västkuststiftelsen

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Stall Tofta turridnin gpå Tofta Herrgård

Stall Tofta (Tofta Stables)

Stall Tofta (Tofta Stables) is a well-established and complete riding venture for Icelandic horses. It offers trail-riding, riding school, riding camps for children and adults, boarding, stallion station, and horse training and sales. Horse trail-riding Stall Tofta offers trail riding with good and safe Icelandic horses through the beautiful surrounds around the Manor and Tofta nature reserve. The ride goes through forests and along the beach, offering stunning views. For bookings and information call: +46 (0)303 - 22 58 53. Link to Stall Tofta – click here. (Swedish website) Horses & courses - our gourmet riding package In conjunction with Stall Tofta, Tofta Manor offers a luxurious riding package combining a manor weekend with Icelandic horse riding. We promise beautiful nature, great food and wonderful horses! Scroll down this page to read more about the riding package.        

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Lycke golfbana - Tofta Herrgård

Lycke golf course

Lycke Golf Course is carefully nestled into the beautiful landscape around Tofta Manor and is a seaside/park course in a tranquil and attractive environment. The location by the sea and with the beautiful nature surrounding Tofta Manor has enabled us to create an extraordinary golf course boasting a higher quality than most Swedish courses. The course enjoys a long playing season and is, above all, a challenging and diverse course for both average and elite golfers. The course is designed by Johan Henrikson and Helen Alfredsson. Helen’s female perspective means that Lycke is a course equally enjoyable for women and men. The seaside location means more hours of sun and less rain. The wind is an additional factor to master – just as it should be on a coastal course. The golf restaurant in the club house Lycke Golf Course runs the restaurant in-house. Fully licensed and offering a golf menu with good prices. Lunch of the day during the golf season. Sells filling sandwiches and refreshments such as baked goods, coffee, drinks and more. Large outside terrace overlooking the course and Manor, as well as inside lounge areas. Link to Lycke Golf Course HERE (Swedish website)   Golf package and accommodation at Tofta Manor In conjunction with our friends at Lycke Golf Course, Tofta Herrgård offer great golf packages. Read more about these further down this page – they’re all within walking distance of the first tee!

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besök marstrand

Visit Marstrand

Our closest neighbour, the island of Marstrand, is only 15 minutes away by car from Tofta Manor.  There you can find many nice excursions! At Marstrand you can stroll on the quayside, look at all the boats and visit the small shops and boutiques along the way. You can enjoy beautiful trails around the island, a refreshing dip in the ocean or why not try sea kayaking? There are several boat trips to choose from. A visit to Carlstens fortress is an absolute must.   Marstrand ferry The Marstrand Ferry runs between Marstrandsön and the ferry on Koön. You can buy your ticket at the ticket machine at the ferry or in the kiosk. Until midnight, it goes every quarter, between midnight and five o'clock every half hour. Between midnight and 05.00 you need to call the driver's attention with a lamp on the Koön. This lights up with a button at the ferry mode at Koön. The ferry takes about 3-5 minutes. READ MORE ABOUT MARSTRAND at

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View from Tofta Nature Reserve - Bohuslän Sweden


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