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About our business at Tofta Manor

Nature and its ocean, cliffs, forest and meadows. The Manor House’s beautiful old wooden buildings, whispering their stories about a bygone era to anyone taking the time to listen. The rich fauna with birds, hares, grazing horses and cows. We love all of it and our dream was to create a conference and hotel facility that conveys and makes the most of Tofta’s atmosphere as it has been through the centuries to share it with others.

There is something quite special about Tofta Manor!

The Manor was a private residence until we started up our business in 2004. The farm is owned by family and Petter has grown up in the house. We want our guests to feel like they are coming home when they arrive at Tofta.

Food and drink make your stay extra special. Our talented chefs have ensured that we have quickly become renowned for absolute top-class food.

Our ambition is that you will feel a little bit more joyful after a stay at Tofta Manor. Let us spoil you!

We wish you a very warm welcome.
Yours Sincerely

Karen and Petter Karlander
and staff at Tofta Manor and Conference


Short facts about Tofta Manor / Tofta Herrgård

  • Tofta Manor is located close to the sea, between Kungälv and  Marstrand. Approximately 35 minutes north of Gothenburg by car.
  • The Manor house dates back to the 18th Century, and is a historical building with classic interior and still many original furnitures. Today the restaurant and conference rooms are located in this beautiful building.
  • There are 18 hotel rooms, with 36 beds located in two newly built wings a short walk from the manor building.
  • Conferences all year.
  • Restaurant in the manor house open Saturdays all through the year. During summertime more days. Please reserve your table in advance.
  • Weekend packages all year.
  • 18-hole golf course - Lycke GCC is situated within walking distance from the Manor
  • Horse-riding opportunities in Tofta Stables - on the farm.
  • You can go for lovely walks in Tofta Nature reserve with good opportunities for walking, swimming, fishing, just a short stroll from Tofta Manor.



Tofta Manor’s extensive history runs from the 15th century onwards. Early on, it was part of the salary for the Chief Judge of Bohuslän. During the 17th century, it became a homestead with military functions for Bohuslän’s dragoons.

Its heyday occurred during the second half of the 1th century, coinciding with ”the great herring period”. The existing main building is extended by another floor in Carolean style. The wings are constructed. A French-style garden is established, with geometrically shaped lawns and garden beds.

During the 19th century, agriculture develops. A four-storey windmill in English style is built to begin liquor production, while walls are built around 64 acres of below-sea-level land.

At the start of the 20th century, Erik Adolf Hallin buys the property and turns it into a stylish family home. The main building interior is influenced by national romanticism of Carl Larsson’s spirit. The dining room is decorated with white-painted furniture and linen wallpaper with pastel embroidery in traditional style. Other interesting items include French wallpaper in polychrome print from 1831, figure-rich hunting motifs and a culinary scene in a romantic landscape of ruins.


Recent history

Tofta Herrgård is a cultural and historical monument.

In 1981, Hushållningssällskapet i Bohuslän (the Bohuslän branch of the Rural Economy and Agricultural Society) sold the farm to Lillemor and Bertil Karlander, who initially ran a conventional farm with cows, pigs and cereals. Gradually, they restored the estate’s buildings and eventually the first activities for the general public began.

In 2004, their son Petter moved to Tofta with his family after 10 years in Oslo. Together with his wife Karen, he established Tofta Herrgård Konferens (Tofta Manor and Conference), which today hosts conferences and business events all year round, in addition to parties, and last but not least, the much-loved julbord (Christmas smörgåsbord).

In 2007 14 hotel rooms were built in annex “Smedjan” (the Smithy), and spring 2022 4 more rooms in “Verkstan” (the Shop). Our website continually published information about weekend packages, dinners and more throughout the year.

Tofta Manor is more alive than ever, and will stay that way. Today, it is home to horses, cows and sheep, as well as all the tourism and destination activities.



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