Betande islandshästar framför Tofta Herrgårds huvudbyggnad

Matsal på Tofta Herrgård

bastu, fönster mot natur

Tofta Herrgård från ovan

Grind i Tofta Naturreservat Toftahalvön

Betande islandshästar framför Stall Tofta på Tofta Herrgård

Vandrande mennsiskor vid havet i Tofta Naturreservat - Tofta Herrgård

Frukostbuffé på Tofta Herrgård - serveras i huvudbyggnaden


Hotellrum i annex Smedjan på Tofta Herrgård

Tofta Naturreservat


Hotellrum Tofta herrgård

Accomodation packages at Tofta Manor

Looking for a romantic weekend for you and your loved one? A cozy weekend with friends? A golf trip with the gang? Or maybe a nice venue for celebrating a birthday with the whole family ?

Tofta Manor / Tofta Herrgård – is situated in beatiful nature by the sea between Marstrand and Kungälv, appr. 35 minutes by car north of Gothenburg. Welcome to our little oasis of calm and tranquillity on the Swedish West Coast. Enjoy good food from our kitchen and our beautiful nature sourroundings with one of our accomodation packages.

The farm dates back to the 16th century, but still remains the centre of a vibrant cultural region today. Here, you can relax and enjoy the harmony amidst the beautiful cultural landscape. The manor is family owned and heritage listed - and we are passionate about preserving the unique feeling here and for our guests to feel at home with us.

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