utsikt mot Marstrands kaj och festningen

Visit Marstrand

Our closest neighbour, the island of Marstrand, is only 15 minutes away by car from Tofta Manor.  

Far out to the west, where the archipelago ends and the open sea starts, lies Marstrand. A haven for sailing and swimming, with quaint neighbourhoods and car free streets. Discover the island’s lovely scenery, salty swimming spots and fascinating history.

Marstrand is one of the most beautiful towns on the Bohuslän coast. At Marstrand you can stroll on the quayside, look at all the boats and visit the small shops and boutiques along the way. You can enjoy beautiful trails around the island, a refreshing dip in the ocean or why not try sea kayaking? There are several boat trips to choose from. A visit to Carlstens fortress is an absolute must.

Marstrand ferry

The Marstrand Ferry runs between Marstrandsön and the ferry on Koön. You can buy your ticket at the ticket machine at the ferry or in the kiosk. Until midnight, it goes every quarter, between midnight and five o'clock every half hour. Between midnight and 05.00 you need to call the driver's attention with a lamp on the Koön. This lights up with a button at the ferry mode at Koön. The ferry takes about 3-5 minutes.


drönarbild marstrandsön
par promenerar på kullerstensväg, kustmiljö