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Favorite hikes near Tofta Manor

There are more wonderful hiking options within half an hour by car from Tofta. Here are some of our favourites.

Koön island hiking trails

Distance from Tofta Herrgård: 16 km.
On Koön, at Marstrand, there are three hiking trails to explore.

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Hike around Marstrand island

Distance from Tofta Herrgård to Marstrand's ferry stop: 15 km
The trail around Marstrand is about 5 kilometres and a walk around the island takes about an hour.

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Hike around Dyrön

Distance from Tofta Herrgård to the ferry stop Rökan (just before Marstrand): 10 km
Experience the Bohuslän nature by hiking around 4.5 km around the island. The Dyrö trail is mountainous and can be slippery if it rains so you need strong legs and proper shoes or boots. However, stairs, bridges and railings will help you through the most difficult places. (Catch a ferry to Dyrön from Rökan which is just outside Marstrand in Kungälv municipality. The ferry takes about 25 minutes and runs all year.)

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Walking in Bohuslän

Walking in Bohuslän can be a rewarding experience in many different ways.

Short day trips with fine accommodation and meals made from locally sourced food, or more strenuous hikes through challenging terrain.

Whichever you prefer, the choice is huge. Read more..


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