Lycke Golf Course is carefully nestled into the beautiful landscape around Tofta Manor and is a seaside/park course in a tranquil and attractive environment.

The location by the sea and with the beautiful nature surrounding Tofta Manor has enabled us to create an extraordinary golf course boasting a higher quality than most Swedish courses. The course enjoys a long playing season and is, above all, a challenging and diverse course for both average and elite golfers.

The course is designed by Johan Henrikson and Helen Alfredsson. Helen’s female perspective means that Lycke is a course equally enjoyable for women and men. The seaside location means more hours of sun and less rain. The wind is an additional factor to master – just as it should be on a coastal course.

The golf restaurant in the club house

Lycke Golf Course runs the restaurant in-house.

Fully licensed and offering a golf menu with good prices. Lunch of the day during the golf season.
Sells filling sandwiches and refreshments such as baked goods, coffee, drinks and more.

Large outside terrace overlooking the course and Manor, as well as inside lounge areas.

Link to Lycke Golf Course HERE (Swedish website)

Golf package and accommodation at Tofta Manor

In conjunction with our friends at Lycke Golf Course, Tofta Herrgård offer great golf packages. Read more about these further down this page – they’re all within walking distance of the first tee!